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3rd anniversary of the April 10th crackdown attempt

Here's a small collection of the different commemoration ceremonies and activities by some red shirt-goups in Bangkok on April 10th, the third anniversary of the 2010 crackdown attempt on that day. If you like to read more about the events that had happened, please click on the following links.

The red shirt protest 2010 PART 2: 1.-17. April 2010
The red shirt protest 2010 PART 1: Prologue and March 2010
Two years on, still no justice (by Nicola Glass)

Thammasat University:

The "January 29 Front For the Release Of Political Prisoners Group" staged a commemoration ceremony at the October 6th 1976 Monument inside the Thammasat University compound, then walked to the Pridi Banomyong Statue to honour this great reformer and politician of Thailand ( and finally presented a note to the Council Of State with suggestions for legal advice to the government on the proposed amnesty bill and the demand to speed up the process. They also asked the council to support the release of those imprisoned on charges related to political unrest.

October the 6th 1976 - Monument
The inscription on the metal plate reads: "The massacre of the non-violent protesters in Thammasat University during which the conservatives set up a situation to sabotage the progressive political movements."

The inscription written on the flagstones surrounding the monument reads:
"What is most regrettable is the fact that young people now have no third choice if they can not conform to the government - they must run away - those interested in peaceful means to bring Freedom and Democracy must restart from square one", Dr. Puey Ungphakorn - "The victims and the coup of 6th October 1976"

The poet and activist Khun Mainueng K. Kuntee (man in the middle with sunglasses) and Red Shirts placing roses on the monument in memory of ALL victims of political  violence (1976 - 2010).

One minute silence.

Honouring Pridi Banomyong.

Ajan Suda Rangkupan and the other protesters heading to the Council of State.

Suda Rangkupan presents the letter with the demands and suggestions to Khun Sirinan,  assistant to the head of the state council.

14. October 1973 Monument

The Free Political Prisoners Group arranged their booths at the Monument of October 14th 1973 at Ratchadamnoen Road.

Monument of Democracy and Dinso Road

The UDD staged their commemoration of the 3rd anniversary at the Monument of Democracy (including Dinso Road, where the Japanese cameraman Hiro Muramoto was killed on April the 10th 2010).

Hiro Muramoto

The UDD arranged a procession from the Royal Hotel to Dinso Road, where Hiro Muramoto was killed in April 2010. They also carried pictures of Fabio Polenghi, an Italian photographer killed May 19th 2010 and of assassinated Major-General Khattiya Sawasdipol.

The widows and the realtives of the 19 killed Thai-protesters in a confined area behind the stage.

When suddenly the noise of explosions and shots sounded out of the loudspeakers, the relatives of the victims were deeply shocked and some started crying. Obviously it came to them completely unexpectedly.

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