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Somyots appeal against his 11 year prison term

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Information on the Akachai Hongkanwan verdict (at the end of this post) 

Update by Sukunya: 05.04.2013

News about the appeal and request for bail: Somyot was denied bail again.

Sukunya, Somyots wife, told me on Friday, April 5th 2013: "Yes, i got the result this afternoon. They rejected again with the same reasons. This case has severe punishment, if bailed, Somyot might flee."

At least this time they gave a reason for their decision, even if we heard this several times before.

About Somyots new lawyer:
...Vasant states that “his decision to represent Somyos was a matter of principle, as he believed the man is innocent and should at least be granted bail.” He explained that:

… Somyos’ wife Sukanya had asked him to represent her husband and he had agreed to do so because he believed Somyos should not have been jailed, especially since the Printing Act, which requires editors to be responsible for all articles, has not been in existence since 2007.

Message from 31.03.
Tomorrow 1 Apr 2013 at 13:00 hrs. Mr.Vasant Panich, Somyot's lawyer and Sukanya will submit new evidences with the appeal and the 14th time bail application. We would like to invite journalists, domestic and international correspondents to observe and interview us. Friends of Somyot are welcome to join us. See you at criminal court, Ratchadapisek Road.
The 112 Family Network

Information from 27.03.2013, 10.00 pm
People are allowed to attend the submission of appeal.

The text on the picture was written by Sukunya Prueksakasemsuk and summerises the latest developments in the Somyot case.

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NEW: Interview with Sukunya by Lee Yu Kyung

Text from the image:
1. Somyot has decided to appeal his trial and appointed Mr.Vasant Panich, Director of Institute for the development of lawyers and human rights, to be his lawyer at the appeal court.

2. Appeal is extended to 31 Mar 2013 but the lawyer planned to submit the new evidences and call for more witnesses by 28 Mar 2013 ( a couple days before the end of appeal timeline). According to Mr.Vasant, the new lawyer , Somyot is not guilty according to his behavior as an editor and the previous version of the printing act was canceled. The current printing act doesn’t state that the editor has to take accountability on the articles that he did not write. Based on article 39 of constitutional law, there is no law to charge Somyot as editor.

3. At the same time of appealing, the lawyer will request for bail. The guarantors would be 2-3 Members of Parliaments e.g. Dr.Sunai Jullapongsathorn.

4. Somyot’s health condition is unknown as he has only taken same medications without thorough medical check-up and blood test for almost 2 years. There are some risks associated to hypertension such as stroke or heart disease as the complication of this underlying disease. Without granting bail, it is difficult for him and family to maintain good health and resource to fight for his trial at the appeal. In addition, it is obvious that Somyot has no intention to escape from Thailand based on the passport stamp dates that he travelled to Cambodia several times for his tour business.

Information on the Akachai Hongkanwan verdict
(information received from 112 the Family Network, 28.03.2013)

This morning, Akachai Hongkanwan, a member of the 112 family network whose case known as the CDs seller, was sentenced to five years in prison for violating Article 112 of the Criminal Codes and fined THB 100,000 for violating the copyrights law.

On 10 March 2012, Akechai was arrested for selling VCDs containing a segment of Australian Broadcasting Corp's political series with contents allegedly defamed the Thai monarchy during the anti-government demonstration in 2010. The court at last reduced the original sentence to three years and four months as well as THB 66,666 fine citing that Akachai provided useful information during the trial.

The 112 Family Network would like to raise concerns on the verdict of Akechai mentioning the inviolable status of the monarchy that provided the duty of the state and Thai citizens to maintain the monarchy not only by law but also by conscience.

Akechai father will submit the bail request to the court this evening and the 112 family network would like to extend the fullest support for his rights to bail.

More info on this story:

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