Montag, 17. Juni 2013

I AM BANGKOK - Photo Exhibition By Lillian Suwanrumpha

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On Saturday, 15th June 2013, the US-born artist and photographer (or better: photo artist) Lillian Suwanrumpha launched her exhibition I AM BANGKOK at the Rooftop Gallery in Bangkok. She studied fine arts at Chelsea College of Art and Design University of the Arts in London from 2007 - 2010.

Video from the opening in Chiang Mai:
The video was produced by: Documentary Arts Asia (

The exhibition will be on display from JUNE 20 - JULY 31 2013.

- I AM BANGKOK aims to transcend the social stereotypes, class division and racial tension that dominates debate around the definition of Bangkok resident. Behind the glitz and glamour of Thailand’s capital it is easy to bypass the growing pains of economic development and the evolving makeup of its local and expat communities. Having served as the battleground for Thailand’s political and social division for decades, the question of Bangkok’s identity and that of its people is a complex and often bitterly disputed one. 
A lack of common dialogue, agendas or simply the size of the city’s sprawl may be the cause for several faces in this room to never meet outside of this space - yet with their individual stories condensed to the features they are born with (or grew into), together they represent the diversity of its people and hints at a hopeful reconciliation of Bangkok’s societies. In the streets, offices, markets and stadiums there is conversation, cooperation and even camaraderie between those growing up here and migrants, between Buddhists, animists, persons of all Faiths and none, in the everyday transactions between those merely after a piece of urban paradise and those whose livelihood depend on their service.

Teacher. Student. Professional traveller. Taxi driver. Energy consultant. Writer. Journalist. Photographer. Diplomat. Sex worker. Bartender. NGO officer. Banker. Socialite. Fighter. Actors and factory workers. Thai, Chinese, American, Italian, Burmese, Dutch, “Luek Kreung”. When asked if they are one of Bangkok’s very own, these are the people who said “Yes, I Am.” -

(Lillian Suwanrumpha)

Lillian still continues shooting photos for her project that's not finished yet. This time she took photos of some guests at the exhibition launch. Altogether she already shot about 60 photos. At the exhibition there are 14 large sized and 12 small sized images on display.

The location:
440/10 Sukhumvit 55 ( Thong Lor) , 4th floor, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
The Gallery is situated between Soi 14 and 16, opposite J-Avenue and the Home Place tower (with an UOB branch on the ground floor). The gallery is located on the rooftop (of course) of a four storey building. Also situated in this building is the DESIGN INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE (having a large signboard on the house front).




  1. Die Bilder, die sie macht, sind sehr beeindruckend. Die Gesichter sind wirklich "Alltagsgesichter", aber durch den immer gleichen Ausschnitt einfach was Besonderes. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass die Wirkung noch viel stärker ist, wenn man in der Ausstellung vor allem die großen Bilder "live" sieht.
    LG Calendula

    1. Genau, das ist ja gerade der Witz. Da sich Lillian auf die Gesichter beschränkt, fallen die sozialen Schranken weg. Was übrig bleibt, sind einfach nur Menschen. Und die Bilder (ca. 100 x 150 cm groß) sind echt gnadenlos, du kannst jeden Pickel, jede Falte, jeden noch so kleinen Schweisstropfen deutlich erkennen.