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At the road, along the railway and under the bridges of Bangkok Part 1

Part One: At the road

This is a photo essay consisting of three parts (Part One: at the road, Part Two: along the railway and Part Three: under the bridge) about the ordinary people in Bangkok. It will offer some impressions and insights into their everyday's life and their struggle to survive. The essay will be continued from time to time.

Intersection at Sala Daeng Station
 New 20.01.2013 

Christmas at Amarin shopping centre, Bangkok, 11.12.2012

"New 01.12.2012"

21.18 pm at Ratchadamnoen Road, decoration for a temple celebration
 "New 10.12.2012"

Silom Road, December 2012, 14 days to x-mas

The young, handcuffed man on the floor was cought when tried to steal a bike at Sanam Luang. While sitting on the ground, one of the Sanam Luang security guards suddenly started to beat him up and kick at least two times against his head. The guard left before the police arrived. When I asked around why he was beaten up by the guard I was told, the young man is a known criminal, he was caught several times before, he deserves it, and another guy with a sad looking face told me: "That's ok, that's Thailand".to make a living

"New 01.12.2012"

21.58 pm at Ratchadamnoen Road, men and women offering massage services

New 20.01.2013

11th December 2012 - A garbage collector fell asleep in front of Central World Department Store, Thailands biggest shopping mall.

New 20.01.2013

Rachadamri Road, Bangkok

New 20.01.2012

Happiness is all around!

New 20.01.2012

11.12.2012, Bangkok,  a begging child fell asleep in front of the Central World christmas market. A merciful
soul put some coins in her empty hand.

The number of  people trying to cope as street musicians was constantly rising over the last years.

Streetmusicians playing Isarn (or Esarn)-country-music at Silom Road.

There is enough money in Thailand for Spa's (seven allone in our Soi) and beauty products, but not a single
Baht for the needy. But what did somebody once tell me: Don't worry, they just got what they deserve, that's Kharma!

It is very rare that you see someone cry in public in Thailand, but because of his accident and all the damaged
packages he may loose all of his days income or worse, maybe his job.

For the waistcoats (worth 50 to 100 Baht)  the motorcycle taxidrivers HAVE to wear (just for being allowed to offer their service), they have to pay 500 to 3000 Baht to the owner of the taxi stand. Additional they have to pay him a daily fee for being allowed to work.

Moo Daeng Deao - red airdried pork at Thanon Sam Sen

 Home sweet home

"New 01.12.2012"

04.20 am at Sukhumvit Soi 10, children waiting for their mother who is "entertaining foreign men"

"New 01.12.2012"

21.28 in front of Royal Hotel next to Sanam Luang, homeless and mentaly disabled people getting ready to spend the night next to the extremely bad smelling Khlong

Officially every child in Thailand is going to school. But then why do you see so many children collecting garbage, begging,  selling stuff or just hanging around with their families at certain places like here at
Rachadamnoen Road near Sanam Lunag during school hours every day?

near Sam Sen road

near Sam Sen Road



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